Reminiscences is a cluster of images that transport me to joyus moments, places that have left a mark in my life and people that meant personal growth. Each piece of this display takes me back to a moment I don’t ever want to forget.

As a part of the Cultural Festival of Zacatecas 2013, and having Jalisco as guest State, the Museum Francisco Goitia presented the exposition “Reminiscences” of the plastic artists Karla de Lara, where over 20 pieces of her most recent collections were on display… The opening was on March 20th and was presided over the museum’s director Lourdes Fava, the director of the Zacatecan Institute of Culture Lic. Gustavo Salinas Iñiguez, the Technical Secretary of the IZC Lic. Víctor Carreón,  the Assistant Director of the Museum Lic. Felipe de Jesús Rosales Aguilar , and the General Coordinator of the Museum Lic. Alejandro Ramos Rambaud, among other people of Zacatecas’s cultural community, the press and guests of the beautiful city of Zacatecas.