In this collection, Karla de Lara translates her symbolistic vision of the late XIX century and early XX; creating fantastic characters of a mythical imaginary, as if taken out of Wonderland, where the high society prances in their great desses and tight siuts, but also drives around in monocycles on a loose rope or a trapeze, which is the analogy of life itself; of our comings and goings, where buffoons and ballerines, clochards and all characters come together in the circus that is life; accompanied by balancing elephants walking on tiny balls and drifters that walk around mythical landscapes that might be every european city in the beginning of the century, mythified and melted into one… París, Moscow, London… Everything becomes a circus in movement and in life that, not by chance, we see in retrospective in black and white, but one that we capture intimately and with a personal vision of color. There resides the greatness of this exposition; that it didn’t need the artist’s colorfulness, but it rather invites us with textures, shadows and insinuations telling us to be ourselves who color with imagination; to transform with our own conscience or the collective subconsciousness these color paradigms hidden in movement and humor.

It is a dream-like and playful collection, that transports us to other dimensions where we become a cartoon version of ourselves and the society we live in.