Karla de Lara is a prolific mexican artist. Her work has been exhibited in over 35 Countries. Today she is considered worldwide as one of the mexican plastic artists with the greatest international projection.

Since Karla de Lara’s childhood days, she showed her talent for illustration and  free lines under the wing of renowned water color artists, and all types of plastic artists, practicing on color, shapes, proportions and spaces at her dearest mentor Gustavo Aranguren’s art workshop. She later takes a shine to the study of light, atmosphere and the plasticity of landscapes, abstract and architectural shapes, inspired by the impressionists artists  during her time at the Arts Academy in Florence, Italy.

Karla combines the effects of shape, color and pace, overlapping in her compositions geometric shapes without designing the figure as the maximum expression of sentiment. Tireless artist and poet that has evolved from realism and abstraction, passing through impressionism and surrealism, and consolidating herself in conceptualism, refreshing in the sublimation of Pop Art, that has made her famous.

Her personality is a result of multi cultural background, transmits a message wrapped up in education. Life is the recurring subject in her art, defining the poetic line of the philosophy of the sculptor of life.  She concludes her education on Graphic and Industrial Design, specialized in Plastic arts and currents, tendencies, and their given feedback.

Represented by Phillips Collections in the US and by Atmos in Italy, her work has been showcased  in the main art forums in the world. Creator of the rose of the Rosafest project in 2011, and the impressive PAKAL head for the MAYAN PARADE project that has been circulating since 2012.

She’s considered inside the art community as the most recognized mexican pop artists of the moment, thanks to her representations of emblematic characters, in which she not only paints their figures, but captures the essence of their soul. She recently has taken her pop art to such a degree of realism that renowned art critics have called her “Mother of hyper realistic pop art”.

Karla is one of the mexican artists with more art shows around the world since 2009, presenting her work in the most important art fairs and galleries in world, like in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Portugal, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Verona, Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Sidney, L.A., Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, Panama, Lima, Bogotá, Quito, Buenos Aires, and Prague, to name a few.

She has gained ground internationally with her art shows in important Museums in Mexico, like the Francisco Goitia Museum in Zacatecas, the Anthropology Museum, The Modern Art Museum,  Bellas Artes and the Mexican Stock Market in Mexico City, Congress and Senator’s Chamber and many more emblematic buildings in Mexico.

Winner of the 2011 Prize for Excellence in The  Furniture and Interior Design category of the HFN. Awarded the 2014 International Gaviota Award  “José Luis Cuevas”  for Excellence in the Arts. Join Venture with KLM and Airfrance since 2015, and “Bentley” since 2016. Creator of one of the largest murals of Mexico for the 30th anniversary of “Expo Guadalajara”, the largest and most important  event venue in Latin america, in 2017. Guest mexican artist in the opening of the Fashion & Art International in 2017.

Her market has expanded to the United States, Europe, and Orient. In Mexico, she is one the artistic and political community’s favorite. Among her collectors are important figures of the music and cinema industries,  great designers, and art foundations.

She’s in love with love, and the beauty her feelings describe in every poetical and plastic creation. She’s an artist who can’t hide the passion inside her, her joy for life and exploring. Tireless and committed, she has an engine inside that keeps her going, her energy will turn her into an enshrined artist.

Those who know Karla know that beyond the artist, there is a sensible woman, a great friend who loves to share her space, ideas, projects and even techniques with other artists; who gives credit to anyone who has helped  be where she is now. She  committed with the universe, she believes in the law of balance and she lives in the constant search of her inner self.  


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