Art in times of uncertainty

Today’s art must necessarily grapple with a hostile reality which has, in the blink of an eye, invaded our social consciousness and further deepened our reliance on mass media. This reality is coronavirus.

We are going through a period unlike any we have ever seen, one in which our habits and routines have been turned upside down. Our physical spaces no longer function as they did, our priorities have been rearranged and we ourselves are not the same. Uncertainty and change now inhabit our once protective shells. And as it is for us, so is it for art.

Merely depicting our psychological and social plight is not valid. It must be deconstructed, reinterpreted and projected from an original perspective. In these times of “lockdown” a rich variety of artistic expression, techniques and ideas enter our lives through digital media.

Today’s artists huddle in their studios and find innovative ways to reflect our new times, defining in the process unprecedented paradigms with powerful meanings. They strive to give us artistic experiences we have never had, whether by challenging us or inspiring us to think, feel and perceive in novel ways.

Art has no barriers. In these days of social distancing and confinement, the virtual world has emerged as a vibrant showcase for artistic expression. While today more than ever art needs technology, it is no less true that technology needs art. This symbiotic relationship is sure to remain steadfast and lasting.

Karla de Lara has always believed that art which overcomes limitations and explores unseen horizons has the capacity to transform the way we think and feel. Her production during this exceptional period does just that by astounding us and taking us to the only place where no one can forbid us to go, inside ourselves.