Displaying Karla de Lara’s art in “The Grand Lounge Elite Salon” of a world-class airline such as Air France/KLM gives thousands of tourists from around the world the opportunity to enjoy her work on a daily basis.

As part of the commemoration of Air France’s 95th anniversary, the airline has honored the relationship between Mexico and France by naming one of the AICM’s VIP areas the “Karla de Lara” lounge. This is a clear example of the excellent bonds between these countries and of the power of art to communicate the values that such links symbolize to the rest of the world.

Eric Caron, CEO of Air France-KLM, received the work “Sobre las nubes”, which reflects the bond between both countries.

Karla de Lara con Dimitry Huffnagel, jefe de operaciones comerciales de KLM.

Karla de Lara con Eric Caron, CEO de KLM.