The co-branding of Karla de Lara with luxury brands is an excellent marketing strategy.

The links between Karla’s work and prestigious international brands has given her a sustained presence in leading commercial venues.

At the same time, she continues to add to her repertoire of exhibitions at acclaimed art galleries, events and auctions. Her work has also been featured as part of important real estate projects abroad.

Manufacturing a Bentley car is akin to creating a work of art, and one of the reasons why this world-class automotive company needed someone who embodies their values to serve as ambassador for the launch of its Bentayga SUV. Karla de Lara was thus sought out as a faithful representative of art at its best.

For the product launch, two major events were held in Mexico City and Guadalajara, with brand managers, business leaders and important figures from the worlds of fashion, art and lifestyle in attendance.

Undoubtedly, the communion between luxury brands like Bentley and Karla de Lara is indicative of her capacity to positively influence high-level market niches.