Karla de Lara at MACRO in Rome

Karla de Lara at MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art) in Roma.

Karla de Lara’s tour of Italy in 2019, which will continue in Rome from May 6 to 12 in her first exhibit at the MACRO Museum, Rome’s most important venue for contemporary art.

From May 6 to May 12 artist Karla de Lara will intervene art works in real time inside a glass box.

Curator Giorgio de Finis, Director of MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art) invited Karla de Lara to exhibit her works. More than 25,000 visitors, among them art critics, diplomats, press representatives and Rome’s socialites, will meet at MACRO on May 6 for the opening of her much-anticipated exhibit.


Few artists around the world have had the privilege of being invited to exhibit their works at MACRO. This year, and after her success in winning First Prize at the Venice Biennale, Mexican artist Karla De Lara will exhibit her works and present a live performance for 6 days, painting inside a glass box live before thousands of visitors. Thus, the public and art specialists from around the world will be able to witness first-hand the artist’s creative and artistic process of intervention of an art work. It will be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It will also be another example of the undeniable renown and artistic maturity gained by Karla de Lara in her outstanding career, adding to the prestige of Mexican art.


Built in 2002 by French architects Odile Decq and Benoît Cornette, the MACRO, Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art, houses the largest collection of contemporary art in Rome with over 600 works, including works by outstanding artists such as Piero Dorazio, Antonio San Filippo, Enzo Cucchi and Fabrice de Nola.




Karla de Lara is Mexico’s most renowned artist today, regarded by many as the mother of hyperrealist pop art for her fine portraits and creator of a technique that is being patented in her colorful cities and paintings of art studios.

She has had more than 240 individual exhibits in 37 countries and won over twenty international awards, as well as ten awards in Mexico. She was also the recipient of an Honorific Doctorate given to her by the Ibero-American Doctorate Faculty for her excellent career and outstanding leadership on behalf of her country, culture and mankind. In 2018 she was named Jalisco’s Art Ambassador for her participation in half a dozen Art Biennales, the most prestigious of which has been her First Prize at the 2018 Venice Biennale, and for the inclusion of her work “Visiones” in the permanent collection of Mexico’s National History Museum in Chapultepec Castle, in Mexico City. “Visiones” is the first piece to be added to the museum’s permanent collection in the last 46 years.

At the end of April Karla de Lara will make a pause in her tour of Italy to join the artists who will exhibit their works at Art With Me Tulum, the largest art festival in southeast Mexico, held in Tulum, Quintana Roo from April 24 to April 28, where she will show part of her pop collection of Idols at the Hotel Aluna in the famous Aldea Sama complex, in partnership with PR Lab México.