Magnificent tribute in the hands of a famous artist.

Karla de Lara’s artistic projects have included a number of large-scale paintings. However, her monumental piece, created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Expo Guadalajara, goes beyond the unimaginable.

In an area covering 375 m2, she offers an overview of the city’s main landmarks. Her technique in painting the mural involved the use of ink, wax and high gloss, giving it the artist’s own unique and characteristic touch. It includes depictions of the city’s most important landmarks: the Cathedral, the Cabañas Cultural Institute, the Degollado Theater, Los Arcos, La Minerva, among others. She has also created several billboards to advertise events held at Expo Guadalajara.

Expo Guadalajara is Latin America’s most important exposition venue. Karla’s mural is the largest in Jalisco, measuring more than 375 m2 It took some 10 months to paint.

The mural pays homage to works of art by renowned Jalisco artists, including the dome of the Hospicio Cabañas painted by José Clemente Orozco, as well as sculptures by Alejandro Colunga, Sergio Bustamante and Rodo Padilla.

“The biggest challenge of my career has been this mural because of its size, its complexity and especially because of the huge responsibility that comes with the honor of having been commissioned to paint it.”