An exploration of the boundaries between ethereal and bodily realities.

This collection immerses us into a subjective and disembodied experience where time becomes physical and space is transmuted into a half-lit, nostalgia-filled environment. The human being slips into a deceptive background. The experience of a kind of twilight between ethereal and bodily realities lies at the heart of this painting. Feelings of happiness, sadness, love, spirituality and existence converge into memories filled with a sense of absence and ambiguous forms reminiscent of sighs.

Acrílico/high gloss, 150 X 100 cm
Fotografía por Antonio Palmerini
Acrílico/high gloss, 400 X 400 cm

Acrílico/high gloss, 155 X 155 cm
Acrílico/high gloss, 175 X 175 cm

Acrílico/high gloss, 180 X 125 cm

Using things that I can see and reinterpret as starting points, I am willing to take risks in order to connect with my inner being. The river of creativity flows naturally and runs around the rocks in its path.

Acrílico/high gloss, 150 X 100 cm
Acrílico/high gloss, 102 X 150 cm

Acrílico/high gloss, 175 X 175 cm
Acrílico/high gloss, 175 X 175 cm
Fotografía: Michelle Breo

Acrílico, high gloss, 145X145cm
Fotografía: Mario Testino


Acrílico, high gloss, 135X151 cm
Fotografía de Kelsey Austin